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With Lara’s transformational and intuitive coaching, you will shift your discomforts FAST by uncovering and releasing negative beliefs and emotions at the root cause, creating space for you to live your life your way.

Lara is a heart-centred and solutions-based Wellness Professional. She is a Belief Coding® Facilitator, Master Practitioner in Mindset and Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Techniques and Hypnosis and a Primal Health Coach.

Lara has over 25 years experience in Education and through her roles as an Art Specialist and Health Teacher, her passion has always been to truly empower students to build resilience and develop skills for life. She believes that by connecting with their authentic self, students have the foundation upon which to learn and grow and consequently live happy and healthy lives.

Lara recognised that this is also true of society in general and made the decision to step away from her teaching in recognition of and in response to the support needed on a larger scale.

Witnessing the number of students, parents and staff struggling to navigate increasingly negative emotions, unhealthy thoughts and behaviours she created SOL Resonance to provide a service that she saw an urgent need for.

Lara feels very strongly about providing supportive solutions to the current state of the mental, physical and emotional well-being of all humans in this Spiral Of Life.

Work With Lara

By connecting to your true essence, or your SOL - that light within you - you can raise your frequency and truly discover your highest expression and all that is available to you. You have everything available to you when you are ready to receive it.

The time for you to be the authority in your own life is right now, in this present moment.

"I absolutely love Lara's ability to draw on different modalities and use her intuition to guide me through the process! With Lara's help I was able to let go of so many negative feelings, which in itself was amazing but even better was that she was able to help me replace old beliefs with new ones that are now instinctive.

I will be forever grateful to her for helping me find my path and connect with my true self."

Louise Hughes, WA

Change your beliefs ... change your life!

The vision of SOL Resonance is for people to connect back into themselves in order to restore their natural balance and harmony by developing a healthy mind/body/spirit connection.

When living from the heart, rather than from the head, anyone can learn how to live their life their way and move forward in resonance with all that they are.

By learning to speak your truth, to shine your light, to feel confident to be seen and heard and be the leader in
your own life, you will experience how it feels to live in flow, to know your worth and finally be free to share your unique gifts and express your SOL in this world.

Discover How These Unique Techniques Can Transform Your Life In As Little As One Session!

The results of this work are FAST! Gone are the days where it took years to 'heal' and 'clear'. Will it work for you? The only way to know is to jump on a quick call to discuss what's going on for you right now and what you're wanting to accomplish.

There's absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain - let's do this!

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