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Hi there amazing human, I'm Lara McKenna, founder of Sol Resonance.

I love working with people to bring them back into alignment with their true nature, guiding them in ways to create the life that they want to live, free from the stories and conditioning of their past.

I'm a Wellness Guide, Belief Coding Facilitator, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Primal Health Coach Educator.

I believe we can step into the most fullest, happiest versions of ourselves .... inspite of what cards life has dealt.

The vision of SOL Resonance is for people to connect back into themselves in order to restore their natural balance and harmony by developing a healthy mindset combined with the skills and lifestyle that will allow them to really shine from within.

The work I do here at Sol Resonance is truly transformational!

I invite you to take a 20 min consult with me, to see just how these unique techniques and processes can change everything for you.

About Lara McKenna

Dedicated to helping you shine from within ...

Lara has spent most of her life in Education, either as a student or teacher. She especially enjoys teaching others how to navigate the challenges they face and her vision has always been to inspire and empower her students to make choices that allow them to explore their full potential. For 30 years Lara has truly explored teaching, starting out as a swimming instructor, working in some tough city schools, moving around to regional and district high schools, working in London and finally settling in the beautiful coastal South West town of Bunbury.

When her own children arrived, Lara made the decision to work part-time in order to have enough space in her life for what was most important to her, which was family. As a result, through her role as an Art specialist, she discovered a creative side of her which had been largely hidden. However, once again she found her passion and ability was less about the curriculum and more about working with students on their well being; helping them to find confidence and self-belief in order to overcome challenges that were in the way of their success and happiness.

Noting the rise in anxiety and general issues with mental health in students and parents, Lara took the opportunity to spend the last few years training in a number of modalities to help people overcome their wellness issues. In 2021 Lara made the decision to step away completely from teaching and created Sol Resonance in order to live in alignment with her passion to guide people to live their life in flow and develop the mindset, skills and beliefs that support them and allow them to shine from within.

The origin of SOL is latin/spanish for sun.

We know that the sun ☀️ is a powerful source

of light and energy that sustains all life on earth and is the star at the center of our solar system.

I like to think of the SOL as the life force within us, at our core that sustains us, that inspires us and allows us to generate our own energy and light.✨

My Passion

After a lifetime in teaching, my passion is now focused on the unlearning. I now work on teaching people how to release the things that they have taken on or held on to which has kept them stuck and kept them from being all that they are meant to be.

I am most passionate about teaching people how connect back into their inner wisdom and develop the understandings and beliefs that will truly support them and move them from simply surviving to truly thriving and enjoying all life has to offer.

My passion is to guide my clients to discover the power that they have within themselves, to uncover the light within them, their true essence so they can direct their lives in a way that brings them joy, confidence, self-belief and success.

My Vision

The vision of SOL Resonance is for people to connect back into themselves in order to restore their natural balance and harmony by developing a healthy mind/body/spirit connection.
When living from the heart, rather than from the head, anyone can learn how to live their life their way and move forward in resonance with all that they are.

By learning to speak your truth, to shine your light, to feel confident to be seen and heard and be the leader in your own life, you will experience how it feels to live in flow, to know your worth and finally be free to share your unique gifts and express your SOL in this world.

"I absolutely love Lara's ability to draw on different modalities and use her intuition to guide me through the process! With Lara's help I was able to let go of so many negative feelings, which in itself was amazing but even better was that she was able to help me replace old beliefs with new ones that are now instinctive.

I will be forever grateful to her for helping me find my path and connect with my true self."

Louise Hughes, WA

Life really can be AMAZING ... the time for you to be the authority in your own life is right now!

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