What My Beautiful Clients Say

What My Happy Clients Say About This Transformational Work...

"This morning I was booked in with a fellow coach to work on a discomfort I had and I feel so much lighter following our session, I feel I could fly, I had to share .

I always go on about chasing my tail and never having enough time , I’ve been manifesting that time comes to me in abundance for a while now. This particular session took me back to a time where I was rushing about, this time however I was rushing to the hospital in a crazy manor due to being told Rocco had suffered a seizure .

Who’d have thought that my subconscious was holding onto this trauma (of which I never knew, for such a long time). It was creating a limiting belief that I was time poor. I’m actually always late too.

This kind of change work is rapid it gets to the crux of the discomfort very quickly without spending hours or even years in talk therapy sessions on something that might not even be the issue.

Lara and I worked with my subconscious to recode a new belief that in fact time DOES come to me in ABUNDANCE and I’m looking forward to reaping the rewards .

Big shout out to Lara for holding space for me and giving me her precious time and energy today all the way from Australia. Lara was amazing, patient and nurturing as I opened up.

These sessions really are life changing. You are your own reality and remember you become your thoughts!

My intentions are to work through all my discomforts to become the best version of myself and to live a life of abundance."

Rachel Parland from Raised Energy with Rach – Conwy, United Kingdom

Lara held the most awesome and spiritual space for me a couple of weeks ago and my goodness, the shifts were way beyond what I could have ever have expected.

I went to a place I didn’t even know was possible but Lara took it all in her stride and guided me through it step by step whilst keeping me safe and protected the whole time.

My discomfort was experiencing pain throughout my body in different places every day for the last 26 years.

I was unable to take a deep breath in for the last 18 months as it was too painful to do so, and my breathing became far too shallow for my own good.

However, 2 days after my facilitation the pain stopped and after 3 days I was able to take the biggest breaths ever and boy did it feel good to do that!!

I will forever be grateful to Lara for helping me and now consider her a wonderful friend, my saviour and shining light.Thank you Lara, I smile every day now.

Rachael Arnold - Inspired Creations Birmingham, UK

"Yesterday I had an amazing Belief Coding® session with the lovely Lara McKenna. First I want to start to acknowledge the possibility of me, sitting in Sweden, and Lara, in Australia, connecting over time zones and distances and she helping me heal in the most remarkable way...!!

Isn´t that just amazing and worth celebrating!

Initially I wasn´t sure what discomfort to work with. (To be honest, there are quite a few to choose from...) When I started to tell Lara a bit about my life and the things I am going through it became so obvious that I am (no correction WAS) afraid of succeeding. And going back to my subconscious it stemed from a period in my life, in my early twenties, and a situation that actually happened to my mother. I wasnt´t even aware of that this situation had influenced me so much.

Meeting with the reflection of my 21-year old self and being able to help her heal was so beautiful!

Lara was very intuative, empathic, warm and I felt so held and safe in her prescence! Listening to her voice, the images became clearer and more vibrantly colorful. Her intuition really helped me to connect many dots and made my perspective clearer on who I am, and why I have been acting in a certain way. I warmly and whole-heartedly recommend Lara!!

For about a month I have been struggling with carpal-tunnel syndrome which has made my life quite stressfull and painful, especially since I work parttime as a Gardener. Sitting in the whole-brain integrated position made my hands go absolutely numb and the pain was almost unbearable.

When we started to code in the new beliefs I could feel my hands improving and the pain slowly disapperaring. Since the session yesterday morning, my hands are almost back to normal again!!! I almost can´t believe it is true!!<3

And there is more! Yesterday I rode my bike back and forth to a dinner out with a few of my friends. The distance was about 7 km one way. And I did it almost effortlessly!!!

For quite some time I have almost felt like dying when doing something exhausting; my heart beating so fast and the feeling of not being able to breathe, and I feel so much lighter in my body, mind and spirit. Realising that what people do says nothing about me and my value, it is just about them.

I don´t need to take all things so personal.

Today I linger in the feeling of enjoying myself more in the moment. Ignoring my to-do-list be and instead going with the flow and doing whatever I feel like doing. A huge difference for a former over-achiever, like me.

It has only been 36 hours since my session, but I do feel different! And I can´t wait to see my life unfold from here...

I very much look forward to exploring Belief Coding® even more and I feel so happy and grateful thinking about that one day (soon) it is me helping a person somewhere in the world heal! — feeling blissful with Lara McKenna."

"you're a miracle worker"

"Where do I start with this … firstly connecting with a beautiful soul Lara . She is the other side of the world from myself… so virtually… yes it sooo works to experience Belief Coding.

A huge part of my own and my families life was shaken to its core leaving massive emotional loss , disconnection and trauma several years ago. Lara showed such compassion as we spoke of events… no it’s not talk therapy but to reveal true emotion …context needed to be realised ….. I was understood, heard, held and shown a level of non judgmental compassion and understanding at a deep deep level.

This grounding allowed for emotional release and clarity to be guided through my healing. I thank you for this …your skills and unique talents within this process shine brightly."

Christine Howarth, Liverpool UK

From a gorgeous young clients mum

"He thinks you are a healing person who was sent to help God do his work.

He is way happier, more positive and has had no angry outbursts, or negative thoughts for a month now. He explained how strong his mind is and how he has to keep it energised and positive.

Things have been 100% better though, you are a miracle worker!

He told me after the last session you make him feel all loving, energetic and happy inside. I cannot thank you enough, it is so special to see him flourishing again."

Mum of a Yr 4 student

"I just woke up in the late middle of the night and I had an epiphany.

I believe that all the people I’ve cared about who’ve faded from my life, have always been quite distanced even when I knew them. I placed them on a pedestal and looked at them in awe, I gave them all of my love and found them unreachable.

I didn’t think they saw me and my light or value, or I was so blinded by what I thought was their value.

Perhaps I just didn’t feel I deserved to shine too with them so high and far from me? I think I’m tired of looking up at them all now, it’s giving me a sore neck. I’m brighter than I think I realised.

Maybe I dazzled too much, even in my dim state, I frightened them off? They might have to invest in some good sunnies. I’m only prepared to shine at full voltage from now on!

There’s a little voice trying to tell me that sounds conceited, but I’m gently starting not to hear it as much, it’s growing quieter. I thought I’d better share that, I know if I sleep it’ll slip into my subconscious, and I won’t know what I wanted to grasp a hold of.

Thank you, I hope this doesn’t ping too loudly when I send it.

Burning brighter

Thanks for helping me sparkle ✨"


"I absolutely love Lara's ability to draw on different modalities and use her intuition to guide me through the process!

With Lara's help I was able to let go of so many negative feelings, which in itself was amazing but even better was that she was able to help me replace old beliefs with new ones that are now instinctive.

I will be forever grateful to her for helping me find my path and connect with my true self."

Louise Hughes, WA

"Lara has helped me to release the trauma I experienced from emotional and physical abuse I experienced at my old workplace.

Her empathy and patience made opening up to her so easy. I now see the situation and myself very differently.

This shift has had a profound impact on my life and I am incredibly grateful."

Dani Hewton, Next Gen Wellness, Australind, WA

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